About Us

Growing up as young Muslims, it is inevitable to escape the challenges posed to us by modernization. Largely due to the fear of secularization and in some cases the fear of being victimized, Muslim youth are discouraged from opening up to the world and boldly expressing their faith. Worse is how intense the temptation to feel victimized pierces into our minds.

In the mist of Islamophobia, misinterpretation of Islamic teachings, rise of extremist groups coupled with negative media publicity, how do we inspire ourselves to fully optimize our potentials, make significant impact on the world while enjoying the blessings that come with being alive in these moments? How do we rightfully change the wrong perception people have about Islam? How do we boldly and effectively confront the issue of extremism that is having damaging effects on the lives of both Muslims and Non-Muslims the world over?  And how do we make progress in today’s era without abandoning the wonderful teachings of our religion?

Our efforts to contribute to answering these questions led us to establishing of The Today’s Muslim, a platform where we discuss ideas, faith, lifestyle subjects, family matters and inspiring stories of Muslims around the world. We hope that with the Almighty on our side and a dedicated team, we will be able to impact and inspire good deeds and happiness among our readers.