Nima Boy Celebrated For Graduating With First Class 


This is not the first time a person from zongo and its environs graduates from a tertiary institution with a first class. There are several others but yes it needs to be celebtated.

Several times, the news that makes the rounds and are shared extensively on social media from our zongos are that of vices.

It was therefore very exciting to see a lot of youth celebrating and wildly sharing the success of Mr. Mubarak Iddrisu for having graduated with a first class in BSc. Mathematics from the University of Capecoast. Not only that, he was the best graduating student for his class, we learned.

This is indeed a feat worth celebrating. Even if one does not know the weight of such achievement, at least the dislike a lot of people have for maths should tell us something about this great victory.

Congratulations to Mr. Iddrisu and all the other graduates. We forsee this achievement serving as a yardstick for subsequent students especially from zongos.


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6 thoughts on “Nima Boy Celebrated For Graduating With First Class 

  1. Manicent Dabre

    Wow! Really proud of this zongo brother. What’s more, how he was celebrated by his loved ones and friends. Many a times we(zongo folks)gather to celebrate nonsense. Really happy to see this. They are all a delight to watch. ❤❤❤🙌🙌🙌🙏


    Congratulations my brother. I am congratulating u not because of the class u got and the course u perused but u are in the news for portraying Islam with good news. Islam is proud of u

    Go higher, sky should be ur limit.

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