Emmoa Foundation Organizes Leadership Training For 100 Youth

The Emmoa Foundation will be holding a free empowerment workshop for 100 youths in various communities in Accra on Saturday, 23 February 2019. Qualified trainers are on board to launch the first of many workshops planned, which seek to give youths the power to unleash their potential.

The Youth have all the answers in themselves, we just seek to provide the relevant platforms for them to unleash their great potential and contribute all their wonderful talents to their communities.

Some analysis was done on the areas in which youths need support and the following were identified:

  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Vocational Training/Apprenticeships/Mentoring
  • Numeracy and Literacy Training

Emmoa Foundation is a non-profit organization incorporated in Accra run by volunteers. It started running community projects in various communities, which focused on assisting the needy and providing support for infrastructure in various communities. Emmoa Foundation is still engaged in these activities but it recognizes that the real focus should be on the youth. It seeks to empower youths by running personal development workshops, running vocational training and apprenticeship programmes, and numeracy and literacy training. The event which would be taking place at the multi purpose center of the cantonment police mosque on 23rd also doubles as the official launching of the organization. Certified and well experience international trainers will be taking participants through series of stages on the topic area.

Contact: Sasha

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