Here Is Something To Remember While You Chase Your Dreams

We define success as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Often, successful people in our homes, schools and the communities at large are highly respected and honored by people. Even so, many of us will often take these successful people as our role models and source of motivation to help us attain success.

What we fail to understand is the fact that, attaining success or becoming a successful person comes with several responsibilities as well as challenges; there comes a moment when we get hit by bitter reality during our struggle towards achieving our ambitions. We feel like it is the end of the journey for us, therefore, giving up on our dreams is the only solution for us. But little did we know that, “Good things don’t come easily”.

So, if we truly believe what we are aiming for is worth it, I believe, we should brace ourselves up for its ripple effect— the difficulties it comes with.

Quite glaringly, accomplished people are selfsame, and thus, “they never gave up or quit fighting for what they believed in”. Yes! As a beginner, you’ll swim through ‘Hell’. But the solace however, lies in the fact that, these people have had to go through the same, or even worse experiences and struggles. So, if you truly wish to get there, you must gainstay pessimism, and be fortified with optimism. Value what you are, and aspire to become a role model for the up and coming generations.

For starters, begin your journey with prayers. Without doubt, you are going to need the guidance and mercies of Allah at every single step of this voyage of yours. He [Allah] SWT is in the know of what you need, but still, he requires you to come to Him in earnest, and humbly ask for His help and guidance. Then perhaps, out of His mercy, He will answer your call.

Despite the hurdles that might come your way, consistency, dedication, hard work and patience will surely see you jump them.

Go for gold, always. Passion for what you do is quintessential in your success. Don’t waste an ounce of your sweat in an endeavor that you barely have your interest soaked in. Rather, go for something you have passion for. With this, your fervor will take your whole concept to a level less of difficulty – for we have fun doing what we love and we equally appreciate it for what it is.

It will be thoughtless of us to just pray, have only our passion and sit back waiting for miracles to hit us. Putting efforts and working hard towards what we aim to accomplish is not an option neither is it evitable. Evidently, even Allah helps those who help themselves.


Focus is a crucial factor that we cannot do away with as far as success is concerned. You will in the process find distractions of different kind. Mostly, these distractions throw you into disarray; confused and uninspired. Your attention might be threatened to change directions. Don’t, because you cannot afford to be heedful of these obstructions. In there, lies a Pandora’s Box of an unpleasant experience you wouldn’t want to expose yourself to.

Persevere. Surge yourself on! Take care of yourself. Develop a health plan; use natural products and workout…try as much as you can to control your thoughts, be watchful of what you think about yourself.

The concrete affirmatives you make about yourself have a great impact on you, for that reason, you will need to make sure they are favorable. Be optimistic of any difficult situation, and consistently have faith in your Creator.

Being creative with your ideas

This is a key factor towards reaching your triumph. Examine every pristine idea that comes to you thoroughly. The preponderance ideas that we often censure are mostly the best ones. You have to listen, observe, be curious and ask questions frequently as that can also provide you with a bunch of ideas that you previously didn’t think of. Likewise, you should keep your focus on solving the problems that surrounds you and succeeding that with improvement.

Be relentless and urge on even when you feel like you are in a “comfortable lead”. And beware of complacency; those moments when you think nothing can break you and therefore, you would relax and quit the struggle. Inasmuch as you don’t want to compete with others, you as well do not want to blow to bits what you have worked so hard for. You must keep improving and always take a step ahead whenever you reach the next one. Keep developing and expanding.


An additional determinant you are required to know about success is the certitude that one cannot serve himself and hope to be successful. In other words, in order to attain victory, you must humbly serve the people. As you serve, you will need to be persistent. Persistence is key to being successful. You must persist through the challenges, the naysayers, the rejections, the pressure, and the unfounded criticisms.

It always starts with a plan. The smoothest way to success is trying one more time. That’s the only difference between success and failure. You are successful as long as you keep trying. You fail right when you quit and give up.

Amatur-Rahman A. Suleiman (Abeerul-Iman)

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