In Memory Of Razan Najjar: 10 Memorable Photos Before Her Death

This week the sad story of Razan Najjar has been trending and likely to keep dominating discussions for a lot more weeks and months. The act of attacking health workers even in a state of war is prohibited by the UN conventions. Thus, the killing of 21-year old Najjar by Israeli soldiers last Friday is considered a war crime. As the story continue to unfold, Najjar’s murder has increased awareness of the situation of Palestinians and many across the world are increasingly questioning Israel’s actions and calling for the UN to act.


“I suffocated from tear gas. I fainted for about an hour. I woke up in an ambulance and I left it. I went crazy because I wanted to continue my work and my journey. I came to give care, not get care. With all pride I want to continue helping others till the last day.” Razan Najjar 


Below we explore the life of Najjar through pictures before and after the incidence that led to her death.


Najjar carrying bundled balloons in Palestinian National colors


Najjar in an effort to rescue an injured Palestinian protester.


Razan Najjar


Najjar and her friend at the border


Razan Najjar in several interviews indicated her excitement to be part of the volunteers helping the protesters. 


Najjar in an effort to resuscitate one of the harmed Palestinians





Reacting to tear-gas from Israel forces



Rushing to rescue injured Palestinians at the protest grounds.



Najjar and her colleagues raised their hands to signal their identity as health workers and also harmless. Despite every proof that they were harmless and were only rescuing injured protesters, Israel snipers shot at her multiple times in the chest leading to her death.


Images below are footages taken by various media including Reuters, AP, and during the funeral rites of Razan Najjar.

Image Credit: Reuters, CNN, AP.

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