Some Etiquettes Of Hajj One Should Know Before Embarking On The Pilgrimage

As the hajj nears, here are some etiquettes we must pay attention to. We all pray for accepted hajj but might be oblivious to some etiquettes which would ensure our hajj is accepted.

Make a good intention. Your intention should be solely for Allah and not to become popular or attain a high status in society or even worse, prove you also have class like we see in our societies. Your intention, when purely for the sake of Allah makes you show less concern whether you get a golden tooth or not. Due to our intentions not very clear, we find ourselves stressing over how many golden teeth we can get more than worrying if we did our hajj rituals right.

Write a will
As you go for hajj, you never know if you are destined to return. So, prepare for the journey like you might never return. Write down a will stating what you owe and who owes you. As well, return any Amana in your care. Make sure, you leave no stone unturned especially in the business of creditors and debtors for whoever dies with a debt shall not rest till that debt is paid. Now, imagine a situation where you die, and nobody knows you are indebted! You won’t find peace while your family moves on thinking you have found peace.

Avoid all sins, ask forgiveness from Allah and ask forgiveness from all those you have wronged even those you haven’t. Insist on being forgiven and, you should forgive those who have wronged you for Allah forgives those who forgive faster.

Return property taken unjustly
Maybe you took someone’s property because you were stronger though knowing very well it was unjust. Do not allow yourself to embark on hajj bearing this huge burden. Return that property, compensate those affected and ask forgiveness.

Use halal wealth
Remember your sole aim of hajj is to obey Allah’s command! The purpose of hajj is ibaada and not a sightseeing activity. Therefore, use only halal-earned wealth to embark on hajj like in any other act of worship. Allah is pure and demands purity in all that you do especially when it comes to His worship. It is to emphasize on halal wealth that the commandment of hajj is based on the condition that you must be financially equipped to do so otherwise stay back and relax. Hajj is such an important pillar but of course, it does not require stealing or cheating to get the money for hajj. Even if you are unable to raise money your whole lifetime and die without hajj, that is better for you than gathering haram money for hajj.

Do not harm with hand and tongue
During hajj, the number of people can be overwhelming. You might be pushed or even hurt by accident. This should however not be a cause for you to hurl insults or even push people as well. You should also avoid backbiting, gossip, argument and lies. All these acts we see as little could pile up to spoil our hajj completely. Think of the money, time and demanding work put in this act only for you to spoil them with your tongue! Have good morals, be patient, modest, kind and forgive. Most importantly, choose righteous companions who would not make you fall unconsciously in the habit of gossip and backbiting. Also, advise people to be conscious of Allah.

Learn and understand hajj rulings
There are stories of people who went to hajj and stayed in their rooms throughout the hajj days. If this story is true, then such people have performed no hajj at all. Even if the excuse for staying in their rooms was weakness, it does not hold because the deen has made provisions for others to perform hajj for weak people. You would therefore have a valid hajj if you stayed home for someone to perform it for you because you are weak than going to Macca and performing no single hajj rights. Therefore, it is important to know what is done to fulfill hajj rights. These rights, when not done well can even nullify one’s hajj.

Pay attention to duties
Recite the Quran regularly, make lots of dua all the time, engage in dhikr, pray on time and in congregation for men. Give sadaqa and order righteous deeds and forbid wrong deeds.

All the above applies to our daily lives and one should not even wait till hajj approaches to practice them. As Muslims, we should never forget to live each day, each second as though it is our last. May Allah accept our hajj and make us respond to the call of hajj next year in case we didn’t this year.


Photo credit: Bilal Randeree

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