The World Mourns Razan Najjar, 21-year Old Palestinian Nurse Shot By Israeli Military

Razan Najjar, 21, was shot dead by Israel military last Friday June 1, near Khan Yunis, Gaza where thousands of Palestinians were protesting against the Israeli occupation of Gaza since the 1948. The protests demand that Palestinians be granted the right to return to lands lost to Israel during the 1948 war.

Najjar was among other volunteers who have set out to provide medical services to injured protesters on Friday. This was part of a weekly protests launched in March this year in the Gaza strip by the pro-Palestinian group Hamas. As reported by Reuters, a witness said the 21-year old paramedic was shot as she ran toward the border fence, east of south Gaza in an effort to rescue a casualty. In her white paramedic uniform, Najjar raised her hands high in a clear way but the Israeli forces fired at her, hitting her chest. The witness reported. Fares al-Kidra, Najjar’s colleague told the Associated Press that as they were leaving, three gunshots rang out and Najjar fell to the ground. According to Palestinian officials, over a hundred Palestinian protesters were injured during the Friday protest.

Najjar’s mother reportedly collapsed after being handed her daughter’s blood-stained uniform. The Health Ministry of Palestine declared that Najjar would be mourned as a ‘martyr’.

Najjar’s last statement

In April this year, Najjar during one of the protest told Reuters, her commitment to keep volunteering during the protest and willingness to see the border protests through to the end. Before heading towards the protest’s grounds, Najjar is reported to have posted:  “I am returning and not retreating. Hit me with your bullets. I am not afraid.

Izzat Shatat, 23, a colleague volunteer said in an interview “She helped all people. She has never refused to help. She was the first to run toward anybody when he is shot.”

Protests began since March 30, resulting in the death of several people. In recent week alone, about 120 people have been killed.

Funeral procession

DW reports that several thousands of Palestinians gathered yesterday, Saturday June 2, to participate in the funeral of the late Razan Najjar. Many of the attendants dressed in white medical uniforms to protest the killing of the 21-year old paramedic. During the funeral, the father of the deceased, held the late Najjar’s white, blood-stained medics’ jacket as a form of protest while the procession was ongoing.

After the funeral, dozens of Palestinians marched to the border fence to continuously protest against the Israeli action, in response of which five protesters were wounded by the Israeli military, as reported by the Palestinian Health Ministry.

Funeral procession for Najjar

What the world says

According to the Geneva Convention, it is a war crime to shoot at medical personnel. As a result, the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRC) is calling on an immediate international response to Israeli humanitarian law violations in Gaza.

Nickolay Mladenov, the United Nations envoy for the Middle-East shared in a Tweet.




The story of Razan Najjar continues to unfold.

Credit: DW, Reuters

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