We Need To Form A Strong Muslim Journalists Association – Hajj Saeed Jallo

The Director of Tawheed Development Foundation and the host of Voice of Tawheed on Radio Silver in Sekandi – Takoradi Haj Saeed Hamid Jallo is calling on Muslim Journalists in Ghana to constitute an active Association.

“A group of Muslim Journalists in Accra have come together to form an Association called Ghana Muslim Journalists Association but is not known in the other regions. It is not even accessible to all Muslim Journalists in the national capital – Accra. After Prof. Frimpong Boateng suggested the use of text messages to call for prayer, this group indicated that they were preparing to issue a statement on it but nothing of that sort was done”, Hajj Saeed Jallo said during an interview.

Hajj Saeed believes when the association is formed it will serve as the mouth piece of the Muslim community in Ghana.
The Voice of Tawheed’s host related it to the Zakat and Sadaqa Trust Fund saying; “if there is a vibrant Muslim Journalists Association, the association will be able to educate the Muslim community on Zakat and the existence of the Trust Fund. The administrators of the trust fund are doing their best but the collection of the contribution is the major problem. Many working Muslims are not paying their zakat.”

“I was watching last two years, the National Chief Imam’s Iftar, the Trust Fund went there with their support for some ladies to obtain some vocational skills and gave some people scholarship” – he added.

Hajj Saeed emphasised on media being a very powerful tool which is used to inform, educate and re-inform. So, the members of the association can agree to use the medium available to educate the Muslim community in Ghana on social issues affecting them.

Radio or TV programs can be used to mobilize people and resources to support the poor and needy and also to equip them with the requisite knowledge and skills in order for them to be self-sufficient, he added.

“If we had the association, the masjid issues that became topical issues some time ago would have been addressed by its members. The true story and the actual analysis would have been done to put the statement of the Minister of Science and Environment Prof, Frimpong Boateng’s in the right perspective. The hijab issue that came up some years ago was brought up by a single Islamic program host in the Western Region. This issue eventually became a national discussion and it was addressed by the appropriate authorities”, he indicated.

Before the commencement of this years’ Ramadan there was a lot or argument on social media concerning some Fourteen Thousand Ghana Cedis that Metro TV was demanding from the Muslim community before the yearly Ramadan Islamic show Al- Fajr and Ramadan could be aired. Some section of Muslims said it was worth paying. Others were also of the view that, that money could be used to take care of the poor and needy in our community.

Hajj Saeed Jallo said, “so far as the program seeks to educate the Muslim community, then it is worth paying because we can’t monetize the word of Allah”.



The above is an excerpt from an interview with Hajj Saeed Jallo by Clement Oheneba Abdul Rashid who is a Social Entrepreneur

He can be reached via the following contact: clementmuslim@gmail.com
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Clement Oheneba Abdul Rashid

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