World Orphan’s Day – Ghana – Successfully Held At Kawokudi

Friday, April 20 was World Orphans’ Day. To mark the event, organizations came together to celebrate with Orphans with merry making, food and games. The program was attended by both Muslims and non-Muslims. Parents, guardians as well as orphans were present.

The Assistant director, Department of Social welfare, Mrs Yvonne Norman, said that this initiative is in line with what the department of social welfare is working on which is to support orphans who are living with families. She also added that orphans who grow up in institutions tend to lose their identity and religious affiliations. She therefore called on individuals, philanthropists and groups to support this cause so more orphans who are living within family setups can be helped so they stay and grow with their families.

Being a Friday, Jummah prayers was organized at the premises to afford the Muslim attendants to observe the Friday prayers. During the khutbah, the Imam touched on the fact that many influencial Islamic leaders like Imam Shafi, Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal and even our Prophet (s.a.w) were orphans but that did not stop them from becoming great leaders. He emphasized on the importance of taking good care of orphans as Muslims.

After prayers, the attendants, mostly the orphans and other children were served varieties of food and drinks. It was obvious the children and their guardians were having a great time.

Over 300 Orphans and some street children living within the Ayawaso community and beyond were fed, made merry and had some toys and gifts with volunteers of world Orphans day – Ghana 2018 led by the country ambassador Asmaa Bint Ayub.

Some of the Orphans took turns to share their talents in recitals, music and jokes. Some also shared their plights on the difficulties of growing up as Orphans with single or no parents at all.

The program was a successful one and it is hoped that next year’s would be even more successful.

There was also a cake cutting to celebrate the day

The main organizer, Asmaa Bint Ayub did an impressive work of bringing together numerous partners to support the event. It was the first of its kind and Asmaa hopes to do more to support disadvantaged children in the communities.

Asmaa Bint Ayub with some of the organizers and volunteers

This day is set to be a continuous engagement with these Orphans and their guardians.

Individual philanthropists and organizations who wish to partner and to support the welfare of these Orphans may contact the country ambassador Asmaa Bint Ayub.


Photo credit: Ayawaso Multimedia

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