4 Simple Ways To Get Closer To Allah This Ramadan

Asalaamu Alaykum WaRahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh. All Praise is due Allah (SWT), Creator of the Universe and all that exist in it. May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon Prophet Muhammed (SAW), His Companions and all those who thread the path of righteousness till the Day of Qiyamah.

Alhamdullilah, the time is here. We are entirely grateful to Allah for the gift of life and health. After counting months and weeks to Ramadan, we get to count ourselves among the living in this beautiful and spiritual filled month.
Ramadan as we all know was the beautiful month during which the Noble Quran was revealed to Mankind. Allah says in the Quran, “The month of Ramadan is the ninth month in which the Quran has been sent down as guidance for mankind containing clear signs which lead to the straight road and distinguishing truth from falsehood” (Quran 2:185).
Ramadan is a month when Muslims strive to please Allah. And the most amazing thing about this month is that, rewards of good deeds are doubled. SubhanAllah!

In this write-up, I recommend Practical Ways to Engage with Allah this Ramadan.

1) Daily Salat

First, as Muslims we know observing our five daily salat is a strong pillar of our faith. We cannot claim to be Muslims when we fail to observe our daily salat. Observing our five daily prayers is not only a means of communicating with Allah but also serves as a guide for us. The habit and practice of a good Muslim is to observe salat and at its appropriate time. We find ourselves in times when everything has become simple with the help of technology. To ensure you pray your salat at the right time, you can download the Muslim Pro App from the Apple Store or Android Playstore. This App gives you the exact time for prayers depending on your set location. It notifies you by calling the adzan. If you have this already, time to make good use of it and if you don’t, get it and benefit from it. (In Shaa Allah).

2) The Holy Qur’an

As mentioned earlier, this is the month, the Quran was revealed unto Mankind and therefore this is the time Muslims must establish a relationship with it. Again, there are countless of Quran Apps online. Download one and make use of it everywhere. You don’t need to carry a big Quran with you all day. Let’s make it a point to at least read a verse from the Quran daily. Read its meaning, understand, reflect and act on it, In Shaa Allah. Again, we will agree that when it comes to our salat, most of us do not understand what we recite so we go about our five daily prayers as chores we must fulfill rather than acts of worship. What about challenging ourselves this Ramadan? Let’s start by learning and understanding the basic recitals in salat. This act may seem small but is the beginning of having a great relationship with Allah. And this should be the focus of every Muslim.

3) Dhikr Challenge
Another beneficial practice we can take up is a “Dhikr Challenge”. Dhikr simply means remembrance of Allah. And the food of the heart is in the remembrance of Allah. As Muslims, every act we engage in should have the name of Allah present. We are humans and sinners and we need the guidance and protection of Allah at all times. In doing so, we can download any Dua App online and make use of it. I personally use the “Dua and Azkar” app. This app has sections for Dua’s after salat, morning azkar, evening azkar and a variety of other important dua’s for the Muslim. To make good use of this app, after Fajr, open the morning azkar section and read some of the dua’s there and right after praying Asr, read some of the dua’s at the evening azkar section. And make good use of the other dua’s on the app. This is helpful to the Muslim as it gets one closer to Allah.

This is the month of supplications and we must all endeavor to intensify our acts of worship. To keep it simple and organized, write down all the dua’s you intend making to Allah (SWT). In our dua lists, let’s not be selfish. Make dua for your family, friends, oppressed people, the Ummah, our country and the world at large.

4) Ramadan playlist

Also I recommend that you prepare a Ramadan playlist. Every minute of Ramadan counts. A Ramadan playlist is a playlist which contains your selection of preaching of scholars and other Islamic materials. In our busy schedules, we will be able to listen to the word of Allah wherever we find ourselves. Seeking knowledge is imperative on every Muslim. This Ramadan, challenge yourself to read at least one Islamic book before the month ends. You will end the month gaining more knowledge of the Deen.

Lastly, even though we do not eat during the day, we have the habit of binge eating at Iftar. It’s time we consider our health. Our bodies are trusts from Allah to us so we must put in efforts to practice healthy living. Stay hydrated, eat lots of fruits and dates.

In all that has been mentioned above, effectiveness can only be achieved with consistency. These acts may seem simple and easy but remember to stay consistent as its results are immeasurable.
May Allah grant us the beginning and end of Ramadan. And May He accept our little acts of worship to Him this month and beyond. Aameen Yaa Rabb.

Ramadan Mubarak.

Hikmatu Iddrissu

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