Aesha Adam Urges Women To Seek Knowledge At Ghana Academy of Muslim Professionals’ 12th Annual Sisters’ Forum


The Ghana Academy of Muslim Professionals organized it’s 12th Annual sisters’ forum under the theme “The Discerning Muslim Woman”. The forum came off at the Africana Guest House.

The forum was chaired by Lawyer Ummu Zakari. Herladyship Mariama Sammo, a Circuit Court Judge was the Guest of Honour. Speakers at the program were Asmau Ayub, Aesha Khidir Adam and Seyi Salami.

Aesha Khidir Adam who is the Director of Iqra Educational Centre spoke on the topic, “Personal Branding of the Muslim Woman in the 21st Century”. She spoke on the need and importance of personal branding for the contemporary Muslim woman. She explained that our personal branding as individuals is as important as adverts and campaigns for products. Madam Aesha mentioned that the first step to personal branding is in seeking knowledge. Islam has branded the Muslim woman as there are lots of women examples in the Quran who stood out with excellence in their lives. “Seeking knowledge liberates us and it doesn’t matter the kind of role you are playing. Whether you are a housewife, student or corporate woman you need to seek knowledge.” She added. She however advised the audience to reflect what Islam teaches in daily lifestyles. “Your attitude and dress sense should reflect what Islam expects of you”. She said.

Seyi Salami, Headmistress of GLISS primary

The second speaker, Seyi Salami who is the Headmistress of Gliss Primary spoke on the topic “Finding a healthy balance in marriage.” She spoke on the need for married couples to treat their marriages as acts of worship. She advised young ladies to consider the interest of their unborn children in choosing a spouse. “Above everything make sure your prospective spouses are practitioners of Islam”. She said.
Madam Seyi also spoke on the need for the Muslim community to consider marriage counseling as it will help reduce lots of marriages facing divorce at the moment. “We need to consider marriage counseling in our Muslim communities. The wedding party will be over but the marriage is a life time affair.” She added.

Asmau Ayub speaking on mental health

The third speaker Asmau Ayub who is a Counseling psychologist and also the Executive Director of Rayuwa Foundation spoke on the topic, “The Muslim Woman and her Mental Health”. She spoke on the need for Muslim Women to pay attention to their mental health as much as they do to their physical health ” mental health is not only the absence of mental illnesses but encapsulates the individuals state of well being in which a person realizes their own abilities, capacities, coping mechanisms, normal stress levels and the ability to remain productive ” and stated that according to research women are twice more likely to experience depression than men. She explained that there are women who are facing serious challenges without any social support and are at high risk of developing mental illnesses but have resolved to keeping quite for which society praises them for. “There are women suffering silently in our communities yet we celebrate their withdrawal from society and call them strong women. We shouldn’t celebrate quietness”. She said.
She further explained that some women are likely to experience episodes of postpartum depression after giving birth if their stress levels are not well managed. She advised sisters to be each other’s keepers and call for support for those who may need professional attention without stigmatizing them. Madam Asmau also talked about anxiety disorders and mentioned that some of its signs are, Heart Palpitation, Rapid Breathing, Profuse sweating, significant change in sleep, or change in appetite. “Mental Illnesses are curable, look out for signs and seek professional help.” She added.
She lastly advised sisters to concentrate much more on their relationship with Allah, connect with Allah through Salat as it is a means of meditation and relaxation. She called on everyone to learn and read about mental health and not to reduce potential mental health cases to weakness in faith and spirituality alone.

Chairperson lawyer Ummu Zakari and Herladyship Mariama Sammo

Lawyer Ummu Zakari, Chairperson of the forum encouraged the sisters to join the Ghana Academy of Muslim Professionals so as to build a strong network of support system for the Muslim ummah especially the Muslim women.

Hikmatu Idriss

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