Bernard Avle, Khadijah Abdul Samed And Others Share Ideas At The YWLAN Seminar


The Young Women Leaders Achievers Network organized a lecture on Saturday August 4, 2018 at the Nima-Mamobi Community library which was attended by a number of young Muslim students from various institutions.

Mohammed Sani

Among the invited speakers was Mohammed Sani, a business consultant and author who gave a talk on networking as a very important tool for success. “Networking is a process that fosters sharing of information and ideas among individuals or groups that share a common interest creating a long term positive impression on people’s minds.” He said.

“Your Network equals your net worth. You are who you are because of the people around you. A mistake we do is we don’t consciously look for friends. Networking is the doorway to success and can take you places certificates can’t take you. Money might take you to certain places but that comes with limitation.

It is not what you know but who you know and it is no more who you know but who knows you.” He added.

He also touched on mentorship saying, “mentorship is a shortcut to success as you get to be guided along the path of your dreams by someone who has already being on that path” before ending his presentation.

Fred Awaah

Mr. Fred Awaah, a lecturer at UPSA and a former Secretary General of All Africa Students Union (AASU), also gave a very inspiring story about how he overcame his challenging childhood to reach such heights. Being born and bred in Mamobi, Fred Awaah narrated how he had to walk from Mamobi to Labone Senior High where he had his secondary education. He told the audience how he had to identify his strength in order to pursue his career.

“Your strength must be identified by no other person but you”, he emphasized.

Mr. Awaah also acknowledged the fact that coming from Zongo could also present many challenges especially in terms of finance and challenged the youth not to use that as an excuse to skip education.

“If you hustle well, you will come out successfully. We are a new breed of Zongo, no more violence but intellect and growth”, he concluded.

Khadijah Abdul Samed

Khadija Abdul- Samed also made a remarkable submission. She spoke on the topic ‘Discovering yourself, optimising your potential over the top’. She told participants that discovering themselves is necessary for them to be able to make the world a better place. According to her, spending time with oneself, taking personality tests, volunteering, getting a mentor and having a strong spiritual life is essential in finding oneself.

Bernard Avle

The Guest Speaker Bernard Koku Avle, host of Citi breakfast show also spoke on the five key principles that helped shape his growth as a person. These five, he said, were purpose, preparation, people, passion and prayer. Advising the youth, he said, “see everything you are doing as a preparation for your next phase in life. Be prepared. Don’t undermine little beginnings. Take up challenges and get involved in volunteerism. All these only prepare you for higher opportunities and challenges.”

Touching on the need to build a solid network, he added “People are very important in our growth process. There are 3 key groups of people everyone must pay attention to; mentors, colleagues and people you can also impact.”
He then concluded his submission with a note on prayer saying;

“Faith is very important in your success as an individual. Anytime people want to do something and they forget their Maker, that thing doesn’t become successful. Spiritual discipline is very important to your success.

We are influencing the next generation so that they won’t repeat the mistakes we made. Don’t just think about yourself. Think about the next generation.”

Overall, it was a successful event and attendants had the platform to share their own experiences and ask the various speakers questions about their personal live

Hikmatu Idriss

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