Don’t Be Overcome By ‘Crescentophobia’: Ramadan 2018 Is Going To Be So Fun!

Few days ago, back at the office, my colleagues and I were having a chat concerning food. In the middle of the conversation, one of them said he had not had breakfast that morning, an admission that made him seem as though he was rehearsing for Ramadan.

A colleague then sharply responded, “Eeei Charlie, you’re welcoming the month paaa ooo…the way some of us are thinking about it erh. Even my ‘old man’ at home often says ‘as for fasting, there’s nothing like, I’m used to it ooo’.” We all broke into laughter, knowing the truth there was in that statement.

While in school, I have learnt about so many terms which are used to represent the fear of something; the fear of public speaking – glossophobia, fear of Heights – acrophobia, and a lot more.

So it struck my mind, ‘what will the fear of Ramadan then be called’? Since the crescent represents the months in Islamic calendar, and Ramadan is represented by a new crescent, fear of Ramadan should then be Crescent plus phobia; Crescentophobia. J Yep, exactly…Cresecentophobia.

Isn’t that cool?

Let’s be honest, crescentophia is real.

You open your Facebook wall and it’s there in your face: ‘2 days more to Ramadan’. The chills you feel as you are reminded of the mandatory ‘hunger strike’ you’ll soon be embarking upon. If you’re like most of us, you are likely to hear your heart pound heavily as you inadvertently exclaim ‘Ya salaam!!’ At this point, your mind is all about the restrictions you’ll be faced with, especially those regarding your food consumption: the gob3, the Auntie Muni waakye joint you will be missing out on, Hajia Memena’s early morning steam that emanates from her Hausa Koko joint with that moist egg-koosey…chai!

Come on Akhis and Ukhtis, I know many of us are internally (and I mean, deep down inside) freaking out because Ramadan is fast approaching.

You know, I believe it’s genuine to feel that way.

Yeah, yeah… ‘all dem Haraam Police be going round saying’; “Ya Akhi!!! Subahanallah! Astagfirul’llah!! You just lost like 90% of your Eeman…you’re Kaafir now!”

Hold your fire, ASP Haraam Police. I’m coming to that.

The question we should ask ourselves is; what’s causing that fear?

If you’re freaking out because you can no longer carryout certain haram activities, then mehn, you do need to see ASP…for real!

Naturally, as humans, we have fear of the unknown and unfortunately, as some psychologist suggest, we have been wired to always think in the negative light. Thus, when confronted with a challenge, we most often would focus more on the worst things that could happen to us. I believe that’s the same thing that happens to us when it comes to Ramadan.

I know we all love Ramadan. It is our wiring as humans that provoke negative thoughts when we are reminded of Ramadan.

What proves we love it?

How do you feel during that last days of Ramadan? Even less practicing Muslims get sad when Ramadan seems to approach its end. As though one reaches this state of Nirvana – an unexplainable feeling, once we start Ramadan, we all don’t want it to end. That’s because we’ve experienced how beautiful it is. We suddenly forget about all the restrictions and are at peace, concentrating on the goodies and the beauty of the Holy month.

I believe one way to minimize our crescentophobia is to spend more time reading a lot about the holy month of Ramadan, its abundant blessings and the health as well as spiritual benefits it presents us with. That in itself gingers the mind and soul, and eventually the whole being as it prepares for Ramadan. One thing I’ve noticed this year is that there’s an overflow of “Ramadan Checklists” messages to help Muslims prepare for the month.

Trust me, Ramadan 2018 is going to be fun and spiritually uplifting In shaa Allah.

Yep…you may still be having some bits of crescentophobia in you, but just start preparing your mind and soul towards it and be positive.

As we draw closer to the month of bliss, I’ll be sharing with you some ways you can knock off the crescentophobia and say ‘hello’ to an exciting month ahead.

We pray Allah makes us all live to welcome this Blissful month in the Islamic Calender with all the prestige it deserves, and as well live to see its end, so we can praise Allah with all His beautiful names…Ameen.

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Khadijah Abdul Samed

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