Fiqh Of Love: now opened to both sexes and couples


Al Qalam Institute, the main organizers of renowned Fiqh of Love, are promising new additions and enhanced experience for participants ending this year. Informed by the scores of feedback it received since its most recent edition, the institute expanded its scope of participants to both males and females. Contrary to initial intention to hold a December edition for a single sex, the institute has now opened it to both males and females to participate.

The Fiqh of Love program, an initiative of AlQalam Institute is to provide our audience the essential information on topics rarely discussed in our communities. It is a course for every young Muslim, married and single as well as parents. The class covers all aspects of marriage by presenting renowned Muslim speakers to engage the audience in an intriguing discussion allowing participants to share their personal life experiences, challenges they have faced and how they overcame those challenges. It is a serene and open atmosphere that allows young Muslims to exchange ideas about relationships, marriage and family. It extends the rhetoric of finding an ideal partner to explore matters relating to managing your marriage under both good and challenging circumstances.

It is also designed to benefit single individuals who may not only learn how to deal with future spouses but also relationships with families and friends and how to improve it.

In the December edition, the program will be focusing on issues of depression and anxiety which are becoming pervasive in our communities.

Topics to be explored includes:

  1. The Delicate Art of Communication in Marriage
  2. Shattered in Depression: Building inner resilience and strength
  3. Anxiety: Breaking the Shackles of Fear
  4. Fulfilling your Spouse’s Needs

The event is scheduled to take place at Africana Guest House on Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 9 AM.

3 thoughts on “Fiqh Of Love: now opened to both sexes and couples

  1. Sheikh Mohammed Abubakar

    Assalamu alaikum,
    please why are the Speakers only females? I didn’t see any male involved. But I think there should be a male, for a balanced discussion. I am available for the task.
    wassalamu alaikum.


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