Here Is What People Are Saying About “Sallah Bill”: What’s Your Take On It?

All too soon, Ramadan is about ending, Alhamdulillah we are grateful to Allah(SwT) for giving us the opportunity to witness it.

There is this euphoria in every Muslim community whenever the big day (Sallah day) is drawing nearer, everyone starts preparing towards what he or she will have to wear on that day. The men do not worry that much because “anything” goes for most of them, unlike the women who have a lot of expenses to cover just for that day.

Now who is supposed to bear the cost of Sallah expenses? Is it the man, the woman, or both? Let’s find out,
Over the past few days, there was this video that has been trending on social media known as the “Sallah bill”.

While some of us may have an idea about this “Sallah bill”, some of us do not know what it entails.

“Sallah bill” trending over the past few years and still trending, is a ‘bill’ usually made by a female to her supposed spouses, suitors, admirers, ‘boyfriends’ and male friends sometimes. This phenomenon has become a priority and so important to most female Muslims especially those in the Zongo communities, where rivalry and ‘competition’ seem to be on the rise.

It is evident that most females in the Zongo communities compete with each other as to who among them has given out the best or a ‘mind blowing’ Sallah appearance, or probably who among them has the most expensive “ Sallah bill”, this includes wearing branded materials with tag names, expensive jewels, shoes, veils, bags, among others.

Most females may become uncomfortable when they do not seem to achieve that ‘target’, as a result, they go an extra mile making all efforts to achieve the ‘set target’. This supposed “bill” has been prioritized by our female Muslims to the extent that breakup, sexual denial, argument, or not showing up at all for Eid may result as outcome, if the supposed spouse or ‘provider’ is not able to provide that “bill”.

In an interview with some Muslims on their thoughts on this “sallah bill”, this is what they had to say;

“In my opinion, although most people enjoy collecting that “bill” for Eid, I think girls should consider taking that money for something else like establishing a business, savings or investing that money. Yet still, girls should pressure their ‘boyfriends’ or potential husbands if not husbands, to see their parents to pay their bride price in order to make their relationship halal.

Better still, don’t just disturb anyone with your “Sallah bill” .if you think these shoes, bags or jewelry will look good on you, work hard and buy it yourself. With that, you will save yourself from being too dependent on men. Also, you can choose to be low key and buy the affordable stuff your money can get. Sallah bill shouldn’t be a reason for a breakup or a fight, and it shouldn’t be forced on anyone “, according to Jamila, one respondent.

“Frankly speaking, it’s been hard this time, my boyfriend refused to pay all the bills but he managed to pay some, I’m not happy but Allah knows best.” Said, Barikisu.

“I’m not even interested in watching the videos (of Sallah bill) when I see them on social media”. Uhanasu

“This early morning I saw on a lady’s status a golden watch, seeing the number of butterflies on it alone tells you how much it costs ”, a respondent who decided to go by anonymity commented.

“The husbands are complaining, eii…then they shouldn’t eat the food for Sallah nor the food for iftar, even the boyfriends. Why are they complaining? But the girls too, some are too dependent. We would have to talk at length about girls in Zongos and they relying on men” – Nihad.

Well, now we know what all this “ Sallah bill” thing is about, it is about time our girls and women in Zongo communities start living a life of their own, we must make efforts to be a somewhat independent. As a matter of fact, most girls may end up becoming ‘slaves’ to their ‘sponsors’ when they tend to be too dependent on them. It is necessary we all look good on Sallah day, but trying to create an impression is not necessary. Whether there is a “Sallah bill” or not, we must try to be content with the little we have and enjoy our Sallah peacefully without necessarily having any competitors, as well as reducing all unnecessary burden.

May Allah (SwT) guide us to the right path.


Hindu D.

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