Some Rules Of Eid We Unwittingly Break Every Year


It’s Eid again and Alhamdulillah for bringing us this far. Every year, we all observe Eid and somehow, we end up falling prey to breaking certain rules unwittingly. What are they?


Half-filled rows
You come to Eid early and join a nice row but later on, late comers come and form new incomplete rows haphazardly. It is very evident that many Muslims are unaware of rules governing prayers. Each row should be filled to its maximum capacity before a new row is formed because half rows are not acceptable for prayers. Sometimes, your efforts go fruitless when you try explaining this to many Muslims. Even in the masjids, some people still do not know the importance of filling rows and you find them standing aside even though there are spaces to be filled. How and where we stand to pray is not a matter of choice but a matter of following the guidelines of Islam. Sometimes, this haphazard row arrangement is due to the fact that people want to leave the Eid grounds early.  Thus, they do not want to go forward but rather spread their mats close to the exits. How long is Eid that we seem to be running away from it?


Not waiting for khutbah or Talking during khutbah
The khutbah is a very important component of Eid which unfortunately we pay no heed to. Often times, as soon as the Imam says Asalamu alaikum, everyone starts hopping to their vehicles. The khutbah is very important and it’s highly advisable that we wait behind to listen to what the Imam has for us and receive the full blessings of the day. Sometimes those who decide to stay and listen, end up talking and reuniting with family and friends. The Eid prayers and the khutbah do not take much time so why not complete the worship and have your reunions after?


Buying and selling while waiting for prayers to start
There have been a lot of complaints raised about this. Its rather unfortunate people do not even realize the bad implications of this action. Wherever you are having your Eid, even on a park, should at that moment be considered a sacred place just like a mosque. Would you then be buying and selling in a mosque? Whatever you need to buy can wait. It is not advisable to come to the Eid grounds hungry so if you are to obey the Messenger (S.A.W) who asked us to eat before coming to Eid, you will have no reason to be in a hurry to buy that yoghurt (Eid’s tradition lol).


Taking pictures while waiting for the Imam to start prayers
If you are able to get to the Eid grounds early, it doesn’t mean you can use that opportunity to be taking pictures. This is the time to do a lot of zhikr, ponder, show gratitude for having seen this day and ask forgiveness for your sins. We started the fasting with many others yet some of them did not get to see this day. The best you can do to show gratitude is to sit down and reflect, not take pictures. Of course you can take all the pictures you want after the prayers.


Praying in front of the Imam
Once again, it appears we need a lot of education when it comes to prayer rules. Do you know you are not supposed to stand in front of the Imam to pray? Last year’s Eid, I watched in amazement at the huge crowd of late comers who prayed on the road side even though there was enough space on the park for them, however because they were late they couldn’t waste time coming inside but spread their mats wherever they saw fit even if it was in front of the Imam.


Running to the Eid ground
When you are late for a program and it’s about starting, it seems logical to run so you do not miss. However, we are strongly advised against running to meet prayers. That is why it is advisable not to be late in the first place so you won’t have to run to pray. Its logical not to run because imagine a large crowd running together, this can definitely cause a stampede leading to unnecessary discomfort and in worse case, loss of lives.


Wearing hair extensions, artificial hair braids, nail polish, artificial nails and praying with our bodies exposed
Subhanallah. After 29/30 days of fasting, do we express our joy by disobeying Allah? In case you do not know it, all the above are prohibited in Islam yet that’s the prominent sight at Eid. When it’s time to pray, one has to be fully covered (for ladies), before our prayers will be accepted. Do we not care about having our prayers accepted? Why then put on all these things at the expense of having your prayers rejected? My dear sisters, why tie the cloth to show your calves and stand before Allah to pray? Let’s think deeply at the implications of our dressing for prayers. It is good to look good but as a Muslim, in all you do, if it is not for the sake of Allah then you have no reward. So, look good but do not transgress boundaries for Allah does not love the transgressors.


Unnecessary talks on your way to and back from Eid
On Eid day, the only talk you are supposed to have is that which glorifies Allah. So instead of chatting while on your way to the Eid grounds, it is advised that you keep repeating; Subhanallah, walhamdulillah, wala ilaha illah llah, Allahu Akbar.  This is also recommended while you are returning from Eid.

Eid prayers are like our normal prayers and carry even great essence. Let’s treat it with the best respect and remember it comes only twice in a year and it is a privilege to witness it. So, why waste this opportunity? There were people you went to Eid with last year but are no more this year. If only they knew last year was their last Eid, I am sure they would have treated it with more respect. None of us can tell if this could be our last.

Eid Mubarak and may Allah grant us long and healthy lives. May we witness many more Eids to come. Aameen.



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