Who Is Responsible For Sex Education Of The Muslim Youth?

Controversies about the proper content of sex education continue but in some fundamental sense they have been matched by perhaps even overtaken by other pressing realities breeding partial ignorance on the topic.

In a brief explanation, Sex education being the fact that it helps people gain the information, skills and motivation to make healthy decisions about sex and sexuality, also goes beyond that. Sex education significantly highlights on reproductive health, hygiene, and brings about sense of security and belonging in the adolescent. This enables the adolescent to feel secured, educated and be able to open up to whomever whenever they find themselves in emergency and embarrassing situations.

In the new millennium, teenagers will continue to engage in a wide variety of activities that are not healthy for them with instances like sex, drugs and violence. Although there is a widely held perception that these are new, modern problems, they are not appreciating what is normal and abnormal behaviour and thinking during adolescence. In line with this education relating to these pressing problems are necessary to straighten up the thinking and behaviours of the youth.

Many channels have been identified as agents and agencies of sex education. However, study indicates that the most effective and recommended one is the family of the adolescent.

The perception towards sex education among the Muslim parents and their wards has never been healthy and described as inappropriate and uncultured. The atmosphere always gets tense when it comes to open discussion of sexual related issues with the youth. 

So now the question is whose call is it in the Muslim society to let go of the shame and other unfavourable perceptions accomplishing the execution of sex education and do justice to the topic.

People know-how on sex education is lame inferring from a street interview I carried out in one of the Muslim dominated communities in Accra. Eighty percent of the people I interviewed shunned at the question on who must be responsible and how must it be done just after hearing the words “sex education”.

Shunning against it exposes the youth to many problems that can be a nuisance to their future, health, self esteem, security and many others. So if the Zongo society does not encourage sex education then the one who gets to lose is the society. Society has to assume that responsibility, let’s get everyone on the course.

All parents including teachers at Arabic schools especially should also take the responsibility in the execution of sex education in a harmless and accurate manner for the betterment of the youth and society as a whole.

Let us educate them on the topic and its related issues, let us let not make them ignorant as they reach the adolescent age before the law of “curiosity kills the cat” catches up with them.

Islam has always obligated seeking of knowledge on everything whether being right or wrong. The rule is you should be knowledgeable about it so as to live the path that will not provoke unto you, the anger of the Almighty.

Khadijah Mohammed

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