Why Gratitude Is The Solution To All Our Problems

Imagine if you had to pay your life bills, much worse if it was pay as you go. Imagine if you had to pay for the oxygen you take in with every second and also pay for your Carbon dioxide to be taken up by the plants. Now, imagine paying for every single cell of your body or even each organ. How long would you last? How much longer? With all the riches in this world, how long would you last with all these bills?

You only pay light bill, water bill, rent, food and maintenance and sometimes these threaten to swallow you whole. You cannot even be consistent if you don’t have a source of income. You will be kicked out of your apartment or even if you own it, you will be cut-off from water and light supply at least because no matter the mansion you build, you do not supply your own water and light. Ok, you use solar? You get water from a stream? What if you have to pay bills to Allah for that?

You think you are able to pay all those man – made bills because you have a job, a good paying one. Who gave you the strength and ability to handle that job? What if you were mentally deranged? What if you were physically incapacitated? What if, what if?

Look around you, He did not just create you but created the world for you. Have you not marveled at how these animals we herd, though bigger than us, obey us? They withstand our treatment even when we treat them poorly. It’s not because we are powerful that they obey but because Allah asked them to obey and by so doing made us powerful.

All of these mercies, blessings or whatever you might want to call them are not bestowed us because Allah owes us but because He chooses to, out of love. We enjoy all these and some extras only if He wills. So, why allow the extras you didn’t get to make you ungrateful?

All these stress you are going through, if you look deeply you will realize it’s because you haven’t really counted your blessings. No matter what, if you look deeply, your blessings far outweigh the problems that are about consuming you. You are so unhappy because of your physique, low funds, class, poor grades, joblessness even some ailment, so much so that you fail to realize you have a lot more than that.

When He keeps asking us in Surah Ar-Rahman “which of the favours of your Lord then can you deny?”, He emphasizes on that, repeats that several times not for us to rhyme but to think deeply at every single mention of that. That sentence should strike some chords, should let you realize how much you have and how much more gratitude we owe Allah.

How many times do we remember to voluntarily show gratitude to Allah? How many seconds in the numerous seconds He has given us do we spare purposefully to thank Allah? We are all guilty but it’s not too late to make a habit of thanking Allah. The reward is not just about paying your dues to Allah but that feeling of content that comes with sincere gratitude.

Try it, by saying Alhamdulillah for everything, piece by piece, starting from your body. You will realize you even have more than you are asking for. Then the other benefit of gratitude is that you are even given more. More in, much more out, ALHAMDULILLAH!!

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