Why The Nima Boy With First Class Was Celebrated Tremendously


Someone might say, “ibi first class we no chop before?” Others might even laugh and say this is probably the first time anyone from Nima is getting a first class.

Others even commented that there are PHD holders in our communities so why are we celebrating as though this is the first tertiary scholar.

No, no, let’s get the story right. This is no ordinary story but one that breathes the breath of hope into the dreamless or dream-killed soul.

Have you seen that sakawa boy you see and shake your head at because you believe he is hopeless? Have you seen that slay queen you think would die a slay queen? You might be that boy or slay queen and like the many others have accepted the condemnation of people that you can’t be good.

This guy we are celebrating is living proof of the fact that no matter what your life has become, it is not too late to stop and make a sharp U-turn!

Mr. Mubarak Iddrisu did it! It is said that he was once into sakawa but rose from the sakawa business, went back to school and look what we have here. His story makes the jaws drop, makes you go like “wow so these are the kind of brains that are wasting” and his could have been wasted likewise but he came out of it and graduated as an extraordinary student.

Sometimes they say we should share the failure story because success story is unrealistic and can’t be related to. This is the perfect failure story. It’s not just a story of graduating with first class such that a street boy would say he can’t relate but it’s a story of a similar street boy who graduated. This gives street boys no excuses. You don’t have to get first class, you just have to realize the shackles, the chains you think are holding you are only imaginary and like Mubarak, you can get free and make the rest of your life useful and the time is now.

This success re-echoes the saying, “it’s never too late till you are late” and “better late than never.”

Another reason we celebrate is that this is the kind of stories we want coming from our zongos, not the negative ones which travel far portraying only negative lifestyles despite the many positives we have.

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