Agitations Rise Over The Killing Of 7 Young Men Alleged To Be Robbers

On Tuesday, the headline making rounds on newspapers and several news outlets was that police had shot down seven hardened criminals who were believed to have perpetrated the killing of the late Lance Corporal Daniel Tieku of the SWAT Unit, last week (June 11, 2018), in one of their operations, in Ashanti region .

Due to the headlines and having no background information as well as not knowing the circumstances that led to the killing, most thought the police were justified.

However, armed robbers or not, every one deserves and has a right to fair trial, not instant justice. This killing appeared justified because of the menace and threat to life these robbers pose to citizens.

After the killings and the publicity, a contrary news emerged from family and close friends of these killed young men which turned events upside down.

Information that came out was that all the 7 supposedly robbers were actually innocent, raising questions of where justice is and if anybody, especially the Zongo Youth (who seem to be targets) is safe at all.

It is believed that this incident is not isolated as barely 3 months ago, a young man named Alidu was killed in a similar manner.

To make matters clear and diffuse all confusions and mysteries surrounding this sad event, the MP for Asawase Hon. Muntaka Mubarak made a press statement addressing the youth to calm down while promising to leave no stone unturned till the matter is solved.

News reaching us from the Ashanti region via Arisaal Tv however reveals that the youth have taken matters into their hand and want a solution quicker than it can be brought to them. They took to the streets today to show their dissatisfaction.

Leaders are being called on to stand on their feet in addressing this issue before it escalates beyond repair.


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