Pilgrims Stranded At Hajj Village

At the hajj village now, there are a huge number of pilgrims waiting to go through the required processes to board their flight. Even in the rain, some are seeking refuge in tents while others walk about trying to find places to avoid the rain.

Many pilgrims who slept overnight look so exhausted and can’t wait any longer.

One of the pilgrims who sought anonymity complained that she had been called by her agent to be here since the previous night and up till now, she hasn’t boarded the plane which is over 12 hours now. There are several others like her feeling distressed and tired. Many are impatient and wondering if they would even make it at all.

There was also a pilgrim who said, ” I have been here since Thursday and though it appeared I was leaving that day, I am still here today.”

Another person who said he was coming to see off a relative complained that he had been here since last night and till now, as at 12:47pm the flight has not taken off.

Another also called for authorities to regulate the process saying the process was much smoother some years back as they didn’t have to wait much longer at the Hajj Village.


As most people are tired of hanging around, it is interesting to note that more pilgrims are now trooping in to the hajj village at the call of their agents. Upon entry and sighting the huge crowd, these new comers look very disheartened.

According to citinews, There was some confusion at the Hajj Village in Accra on Saturday morning as prospective pilgrims travelling to Saudi Arabia demanded answers from the Hajj Board over delays in their flight.

The Board, instead of contracting a bigger airplane which could fly about 506 passengers on a single manifest as done by the previous regime, opted for a 174-passenger aircraft for this year’s operations.

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