Don’t Hide Behind The Shahadah And Do Evil


“Sala, you know all these hair extensions and eyelashes are not acceptable in Islam right?”, Habiba advised, with concern all over her face.

“Oh my cousin, you worry too much”, I replied. “We are muslims and what matters is we believe in the Shahadah, only jannah awaits us”, I added, to convince her.

“I think you are getting it all wrong, Sala. Have you forgotten we shall be made to account for our actions despite our belief in Allah? In fact if we really believe in Allah then why disobey His commands? If His commands were not that important like you are claiming (all we need to enter jannah is our belief in His oneness), He would have said that Himself instead of giving us more guidelines in addition to having faith.” She replied.

“What most people are getting wrong is that, Islam doesn’t end when you believe in the shahada, in fact, that is where Islam begins. The Shahadah is more like a door opening to Islam. Let’s suppose you went to visit someone. Imagine you knock on the door and after being asked to enter, you just open the door and kept standing at the entrance. How do you think your host will perceive you?

The Shahadah is very important because to obey His commands, you first have to believe in Him. It is like the entrance exams. If you pass the entrance exams to a school, then decide you no longer need to attend the school because afterall, you have passed the entrance exams, do you think the school will award you a certificate? We all know that’s impossible. This is because though the entrance exams is important to get you admission, till you enroll afterwards, you won’t be considered a student.” She continued.

” So my dear, think deeply about it. Why did Allah follow the Shahadah with salat and the rest if Shahadah was all we needed? Why does He keep iterating that we enjoin goodness and desist from the bad?”

The secret to the Shahadah is that, it makes us the best in the sight of Allah if we really understand its depth. The Shahadah is not just a set of words. If you ponder, you will realize that it also encompasses our actions. So, how can we say we believe in Allah but act the exact opposite of what He has commanded? It means the understanding of the Shahadah by many Muslims is very shallow and many do not have the full grasp of it.

The reason it is said that once you believe in the shahadah, jannah is assured is for deep thinkers. That statement has deeper meaning. Like a proverb or an idiom, it should not be taken at surface. A simple implication of that statement is that, once a person truly believes in the shahadah, he or she is more likely to abide by the commands of Allah.


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